Because every decision counts.

To achieve and surpass the results you want for your reservoir, every decision counts. That’s where the RGL advantage comes in. We use science to maximize production in the world’s most challenging reservoirs. The resulting solutions increase production rates and accelerate the value of your assets.
Our business is understanding your well

Reservoir modelling and characterization is our first step; we use core samples to identify sediment attributes and understand how flow is affected.

Your best options
are made clear

Every well tells a different story—that’s why every solution is a customized one. Using our proLAB™ elite technical team, a three-phased sand and flow control design and testing program evaluates devices with enhanced testing methodologies. The process ensures your returns are maximized.


We have been in the sand control business for more than three decades; in that time, we’ve perfected minimizing sand and fines production with stand-alone and premium sand control devices. Now, we’re refining the best methods to build sand control devices and inflow, outflow, and autonomous inflow control devices that boost performance.

We’re here to support you

Our reliable team uses first-rate equipment to deliver efficient flow control device management. By providing a range of downhole completions tools and services, we supply product coupled with expert field technicians. A diverse portfolio and flawless field operations allow us to handle all your needs.

Our process is thorough from initial design to installation

RGL products aren’t forgotten after leaving the shop. From design, to manufacturing, to installation, and finally to post-installation support, our team ensures customers get full-cycle service to achieve continuous improvement.

We’re continuously improving our products and techniques

RGL innovation and technology builds value for our customers by understanding their reservoirs to provide the right solution for long-term performance. Our commitment to research and development speaks to that goal—to be industry leaders in sand and flow control.

News & Events

September 21, 2021 Calgary, AB
Global Energy Show Technical Conference
October 04, 2021 Galveston, Texas, USA
SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference
RGL Research on multidirectional DM nozzle technology to be presented at iconic ATCE
May 15, 2021
The program committee of the esteemed SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE) has accepted an RGL technical paper on multidirectional DM™ nozzle technology and flow control completions, which will be presented in Dubai, U.A.E., in 21 - 23 September 2021. 
First recipient of Mousavi-Daneshmand Engineering Innovation Award
March 13, 2021
Alireza Gharaati has been named the inaugural recipient of the RGL Mousavi-Daneshmand Engineering Innovation Award. His work on wireless communication systems will ensure the memory of former research partner Dr. Pedram Mousavi lives on.
SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium to feature RGL technical expertise
January 22, 2021
RGL Reservoir Management Inc. is once again serving as a technical expert at this year’s 2021 SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium. Exemplifying RGL’s reputation as an industry leader in sand and flow control design, the Alberta-based company is scheduled to present two academic presentations at the revered event. Taking place virtually 26 - 28 Jan, the event promises to offer a community for the industry to take steps to improve the collective recovery, efficiency, and longevity of existing and planned thermal wells. 
RGL research on bill at prestigious SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference
January 20, 2021
Known as one of the most sought-after Society of Petroleum Engineers conferences to be included in, the SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference has invited RGL to share research at its 2021 edition. 

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