RGL Reservoir Management Inc. (RGL) is a global oil and gas service conglomerate comprised of G&L Slotco Ltd., Regent Energy Group Ltd., and Regent Global Machine and Tool Ltd. We have more than 30 years of slotted liner manufacturing experience, 10 years of machining experience, more than 25,000 sand control slotted liner wells and 1,100-plus wells utilizing our flow control devices (FCDs) and downhole thermal tools. RGL continues to be a leading supplier of thermal completions and seamed slotted liner in the Canadian oil sands, the Middle East, Mexico, and South America. RGL has a worldwide footprint, with manufacturing locations in Canada, the United States, Colombia, and Oman, as well as licensed partners in Scotland and Dubai.

RGL’s Beginnings

RGL built its business as a manufacturer of slotted liner used for sand control in heavy-oil wells. The company eventually came to lead that segment of the industry through innovations in slot design engineering, proprietary modelling, and patented manufacturing equipment. RGL’s custom lines of automated slotting, seaming, and deburring machines are like no other in the world in terms of producing high-quality seamed and slotted liner. RGL is the only API Q1, API 5CT, and ISO 9001:2015 certified slotted liner manufacturing company in the world. In Canada, over 90% of the heavy oil produced by in-situ methods flows through RGL’s slotted liner.

Growing with the Industry

Working alongside producers and operators on the frontlines of the industry, RGL recognized the need for a more comprehensive portfolio of sand control solutions. Today, a broad range of technologies including wire wrap, punch, mesh, and pre-packed gravel screens are available. RGL also recognized the need for standard and custom inflow and outflow control devices. In response, an industry-leading technical team at RGL has the capability to address the most challenging reservoir profiles. 

Our Story

Based in Alberta, Canada, the privately-owned RGL formed in August of 2014 after the sale of the company to a large private equity firm. Today, RGL provides global oilfield technology, engineering, products, and services for sand control, flow control, and downhole completions tools for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) solutions, as well as conventional exploitation for the oil and gas industry. RGL’s history dates back to 1985 when G&L was formed as the sole slotted liner company in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. The transition years for RGL’s history began in 2004, where both G&L and Regent purchased smaller competitor companies. In 2011, G&L and Regent formed the single largest slotted liner company in the world, and in 2014, RGL was formed after the sale of Regent/G&L to create a new path to international growth. In 2015, RGL expanded their sand control and flow control product lines and services both horizontally and vertically, thereby providing customers with an integrated package of products and solutions.

RGL’s evolution has given rise to new opportunities to expand its knowledge base and use its skills in different ways. Through continual research and development, RGL effectively develops a better understanding of behavioural characteristics of heavy-oil reservoirs, and how they can best be exploited. Based on pertinent reservoir data and empirical and theoretical information, RGL has developed proprietary in-house engineering models and programs, which provide essential answers to everything from optimal slot configuration to optimal steam distribution profiling. RGL’s depth of knowledge in heavy-oil recovery and unconventional resource extraction is unmatched throughout the world.

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