RGL’s technical team actively contributes to the greater body of knowledge related to sand control engineering and product applications.

A commitment to research

Behind each RGL product and service is a team of industry-recognized experts specializing in fluid dynamics, heavy-oil recovery, reservoir stimulation, drilling and completions, rock mechanics, and thermal enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Our team includes PhDs whose industry experience is unrivaled, and with their expertise we make investing in R&D a priority. Partnering with prominent post-secondary institutions allows us to explore new strategies that result in high-performing well optimization for our customers. Learn more about our research and development efforts.

Papers and Articles

How we strive to become the energy industry’s top innovators.

Research Projects

A commitment to advancing the body of knowledge on sand and flow control.


A day to share key learnings emanating from ongoing joint research projects.

Design Criteria and Experimental Assessment of Wire-Wrapped Screens for SAGD Producer Wells

The purpose of this research is to develop new design criteria to improve the selection of wire-wrapped screen (WWS) apertures. The study implements laboratory testing to evaluate the performance of WWS for different production scenarios.
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