Design Criteria and Experimental Assessment of Wire-Wrapped Screens for SAGD Producer Wells

  • Sand Control
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The purpose of this research is to develop new design criteria to improve the selection of wire-wrapped screen (WWS) apertures. The study implements laboratory testing to evaluate the performance of WWS for different production scenarios.



The experimental approach consists of several sand retention tests (SRTs). Commercial mixtures are employed, covering a range of particle size distributions (PSDs) and fines content. The test implements both single-phase and multiphase flow stages as shown below.



  • Water cut has a strong influence on fines migration and plugging.
  • WWS shows a great capability to produce fines and limit formation damage.
  • Drastic effect of gas (steam) flow on produced sand for wider slots.
  • Develop design criteria for WWS based on the Traffic Light System (TLS) and correlations in equation form.
  • Evaluate the impact of fluid ratios and fluid flow rates on fines migration and subsequent flow impairment.

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