RGL designs and fabricates steam-choking nozzles to assist operator dealing with non-uniformity issues

  • Flow Control


+ Sand and flow control challenges for an operator working in the Grand Rapids formation caused operational delays and reduced production rates


+ Q-Controller flow control device
+ A2 steam choking nozzle
+ NALU modelling and engineering of new design


+ Over 50% increase in oil production
+ Eliminated hot spot issues
+ ROI payback less than 1 year


Reservoir conditions were complicated, involving hot spots, variable pay thickness, and non-uniformity. RGL approached the challenge with the solution of designing and manufacturing tungsten carbide inflow control nozzles with a 50% steam-choking ratio for the first time in the company’s history. A short lead time from engineering design to testing to manufacturing was required, as the task required RGL to finish the wellbore modelling design within 24 hours. To do this, RGL utilized their in-house wellbore model, NALU.


RGL’s Q-Controller™ and custom designed flow control nozzles were specifically engineered for the customers. To address erosion issues, tungsten carbide nozzles were used for erosion resistance. Secondary sand control was built into this tool with 2 metres of proWRAP™ screens. Mechanical tests (bend, torque, and compression) were conducted on the test joint to make sure the best product would be delivered. For assurance, another 2 metres of wire-wrapped screen as secondary sand control was also provided to the operator in case the primary sand control liner had experienced integrity issues currently or in the future.


After the FCD workover operation, the oil production rate was increased by more than 50%, the original hot spot at the toe was eliminated, overall liquid level was lowered, and more uniform and fluid inventory was produced.

• Pressure drop matched design criteria
• Over 50% increase in oil production
• ROI payback time shortened to less than 1 year
• Standard FCD completion practices were adopted by the operator with RGL

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