RGL launches Non-Condensable Gas (NCG)-blocking nozzle

October 25, 2018

RGL’s DB™ NCG-blocking flow control device nozzle has been released.

Calgary, AB – October 25, 2018 – The ability to increase oil production rates by blocking non-condensable gas (NCG) is now a possibility using RGL Reservoir Management Inc.’s new DB™ flow control device (FCD) nozzle.
Developed by Dr. Da Zhu, RGL’s Flow Control Engineering Manager, the recently patented nozzle is designed to choke back 55% of NCG compared to a typical Inflow Control Device design. The DB™ nozzle effectively maintains oil production while blocking the inflow of NCG in any oil production application with gas breakthrough issues, including thermal (CSS, steamflooding) and conventional offshore and onshore wells.
The geometry of the DB nozzle was inspired by the principles of aerodynamics and utilizes geometries designed specifically to better choke back NCG. When operators produce steam, phase and energy changes result in condensation. When operators produce NCG (e.g., methane, CO2), FCDs must accommodate for the lack of condensation formed.
“The DB nozzle addresses the fundamental difference between steam and gas,” according to Dr. Zhu. “Our nozzle can produce the same amount of liquid, but in the presence of NCG, the gas being produced by the DB nozzle is 55% less than the ICD.”
NCG-specific nozzles are required to adequately address the challenge of gas breakthrough. So far, testing has shown the nozzle is performing with low drawdown rates. Results have also indicated that other nozzles available on the market are limited to 15% blocking capabilities, giving operations using RGL’s DB nozzle a 40% advantage.
RGL has been investing resources into investigating how nozzle design can enhance capabilities of FCDs. RGL’s D Nozzle Series (DF™, DS™, DM™, and DB) provide exceptional performance in all types of steam-assisted and other operations. Research and development are currently underway to create additional nozzles designs to further help operators manage well performance, regardless of pressure and temperature fluctuations in the reservoir.
To learn more about other nozzle products RGL offers, visit rglinc.com or email solutions@rglinc.com.

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