RGL-funded research teams at University of Alberta share findings from past year’s explorations

September 14, 2018

Edmonton, AB – September 14, 2018 –Principal investigators, researchers, and members of the RGL team met today at the University of Alberta to review key learnings emanating from ongoing joint research projects. For the past three years, RGL has financially supported fundamental research at the U of A in partnership with The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) related to studies that affect sand and flow control in production reservoirs.

The goal of this research collaboration is to better understand the macro and micro influencing factors that exist from a reservoir exploitation position. At the initiation of the research partnership in 2014, the teams focused on sand control and geomechanics, flow control and flow dynamics, as well as the effect of elevated temperatures relating to corrosion, H2S and scale development. As learnings progressed, the teams have established a wide range of findings, many of which have been represented as whitepapers, research studies, and poster sessions at technical conferences around the world. These findings have advanced the energy industry’s understanding of the impact of sand control and flow control on optimizing production. RGL has also been able to apply this knowledge directly to clients’ most challenging reservoirs providing exceptional commercial value to their operations.

At this year’s U of A Workshop, the RGL and U of A teams reviewed results of research on flow dynamics, corrosion and fouling, and sand control and testing. Participants were asked to vote to select the best three poster presentations. Top posters from the day will be showcased at the upcoming 2018 RGL Symposium on Wellbore Integrity, Physics, and Design held in Leduc on Oct. 14.

To learn more about RGL’s research, visit http://rglinc.com/Research. Register to attend this year’s Symposium here.

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