RGL releases first flow control device nozzle with multiple capabilities

September 19, 2018

RGL’s DM™ multi-directional, and multi-functional flow control device nozzle has been released. It’s the first of its kind that can inject steam at high velocities and can choke back steam.

Calgary, AB – September 19, 2018 - RGL Reservoir Management Inc. has released a new multi-directional, and multi-functional flow control device (FCD) nozzle. Designed to provide steam choking and pressure recovery efficiencies in multi-stage wells, the DM™ nozzle is the first of its kind that solves two problems using one product.

The DM™ nozzle can inject steam at high velocities during the injection phase and can choke back steam during the production phase. Initial testing of the DM™ nozzle has shown it can choke 67% steam and offer pressure recovery rates of 91.5%. This product is unique in that operators can switch from continuous steam injection to cyclic injection for Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) operations and steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) infill wells seamlessly. It can also be used to achieve supersonic speeds in uniform flow applications.

During the product development phase, it was determined that the DM™ nozzle be made of tungsten carbide. This material is designed to mitigate steam breakthrough issues, maintain liquid emulsion production, and cause minimal corrosion when choking back steam.

In CSS wells, the DM™ nozzle can inject at high pressures, reducing the need to large boiler equipment and pumps. Because of this and the DM™’s ability to reduce steam/oil ratios, costs on surface facilities for operators are lowered. For SAGD infill wells, the installation of a DM™ nozzle would help with uniform steam conformance during the circulation phase and choking back of steam at production. 

Growing interest from the industry

Already, RGL is seeing interest in the nozzle from Canadian, Middle Eastern, and Latin American operators

“Operators are now able to achieve higher efficiencies using supersonic speeds with this nozzle,” said product inventor and RGL Flow Control Engineering Manager Dr. Da Zhu. “It is unique to achieve both supersonic steam injection and steam choking with one single DM™ nozzle. For operators, it provides simplicity in well management and operations.”   

RGL has been investing resources into investigating how nozzle design can enhance capabilities of FCDs. The DF-1™, DF-2™, and DS™ nozzles complete RGL’s D Nozzle family, providing exceptional performance in all types of steam-assisted operations. Research and development are currently underway to create even more nozzle products designed to help operators manage well performance regardless of pressure and temperature fluctuations in the reservoir.

To learn more about other nozzle products RGL offers, visit RGLinc.com or email solutions@rglinc.com.

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