DF nozzle-enhanced Q-Controller flow control devices to enhance Canadian wells of major operator

September 24, 2019


Calgary, AB
A new international oil and gas exploration and production company has commissioned over 200 RGL flow control devices with nozzle technology to outfit three of its liner-deployed Canadian wells. The operator will utilize Q-Controllers™ enhanced with proWRAP™ direct wire wrapped screen, and the DF nozzle to optimize the inflow control device’s steam choking capabilities.
The bid was successful because of RGL’s experience, manufacturing capabilities, and commitment to harnessing technology that provides value to customers. The operator will also be reaping the benefits of using proSLOT® on their horizontal injectors, hanger completions technology, field services, and flow control modelling performed using RGL's proprietary thermal wellbore simulation software, NALU™.
This order of custom-engineered tools displays RGL’s commitment to service and in-depth technical understanding of reservoir conditions to deliver flow control solutions capable of handling any oil well and downhole environment.
Using the Q-Controller, this operator will gain optimal production control as the tool independently and autonomously controls steam breakthrough. By installing multiple Q-Controllers, recovery rates can be improved, low subcool can be achieved, and the inflow profile along the production interval is optimized. RGL’s proprietary nozzle will help the operator manage well performance with great flexibility and such that the nozzle will choke back 72% of the wet steam while the oil production rate is not impacted at all.   
To view more about RGL’s flow control solutions, visit https://www.rglinc.com/solutions/flow-control/ or email solutions@rglinc.com.

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