Major Canadian contract awarded to RGL for flow control device solutions

August 15, 2019


Calgary, AB – RGL recently won a sizeable bid to provide a large E&P company with flow control devices to enhance its northern Alberta wells. The Q-Selector™ FCDs are slated for installation in cyclic steam stimulation wells in early 2020.
The multiple tools installed in each well will work to improve steam distribution into the target formation and control the inflow of produced fluids.
Major Canadian operators are showing significant interest in our engineered sand and flow control solutions," said Business Development Manager Colby Sutton. "They are relying on RGL’s expertise to provide consistent, high-quality, cost-effective completion products and solutions and we are delivering on that commitment. It is great to see new projects in Canada and we hope to see this continue.  We’re continuing to invest in new technologies that better support these new projects.”
RGL has been designing and manufacturing sand control products for 34 years, demonstrating a high level of innovation and dependability for both domestic and international thermal operators. To date, RGL has designed and/or manufactured more than 22,000 flow control devices.
As a unique full-service completions company, RGL focuses on high-end engineering, through to product manufacturing and field services. RGL’s full life-cycle engineering approach and technical understanding further ensure operators of product performance and excellence. 
RGL’s Q-Selector is a liner deployed flow control device for new well completions with an inner port and an outer hardened shroud. The Q-Selector FCD is completed and designed with a screen sand control device, resulting in high open flow area for optimal exposure. 

Choked flow can be obtained with the Q-Selector, and strategic fracturing of the reservoir sand for exploitation applications such as in CSS can be performed with this tool. The Q-Selector can be coupled with our nozzle technologies such as the DM nozzle, which is a multi-directional nozzle that achieves 92% total pressure recovery during steam injection and 67% total steam choking.
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RGL Reservoir Management

RGL engineers and manufactures sand control and flow control products for highly challenging reservoirs. We use innovation and technology to build value for our customers by understanding their reservoirs and providing the right solution for long-term performance.

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