Prestigious rock mechanic and petroleum geomechanics conference selects 3 RGL research papers

May 29, 2019


Calgary, AB – May 29, 2019
- The American Rock Mechanics Association will feature three technical research papers authored by RGL at the 53rd US Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium taking place June 23 - 26 in New York City. The distinguished symposium encompasses all aspects of rock mechanics, geomechanics, and rock engineering.
Three papers featuring RGL co-authors will be presented: (1) On the sanding and flow convergence skin in cased and perforated slotted liner vertical production wells, (2) Assessment of Existing Design Criteria for Wire-Wrapped Screens in Thermal Wells, and (3) An Analytical Model for Hydraulic Fracture Initiation in Deviated Wellbores.
Dr. Alireza Nouri, an expert in sand control testing from the University of Alberta, will be joined by RGL’s Sand Control Engineering Manager Dr. Mahdi Mahmoudi in presenting the research.
This will be the second year in a row that RGL has been asked to present research at ARMA. Last year, Dr. Nouri presented the paper How the Design Criteria for Slotted Liners in SAGD are Affected by Stress Buildup Around the Liner.
The American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA) is a professional and international engineering and scientific society that promotes interaction among rock mechanics and geomechanics specialists, practitioners, and academics alike. ARMA advocates for firms and individuals in all aspects of rock mechanics, rock engineering, and geomechanics.
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