RGL releases the DR™ water choking nozzle

March 13, 2019


Calgary, AB – March 13, 2019 –
Maintaining oil production while minimizing water breakthrough using one tool is now possible with the release of RGL’s new DR™ nozzle.
Using the DR™ nozzle to enhance an inflow flow control device (FCD), operators can achieve up to 30% water choking effects. This can be applied to offshore, cold primary, and conventional operations that deal with high water cuts.
Tests have shown that the DR™ nozzle reduces water by 21% when compared with a typical water choking nozzle. When compared with a passive nozzle, results have indicated up to 37% reduction. The DR nozzle is also built without any moving parts, which increases the nozzle material’s integrity and stability.
The DR™ nozzle was developed and patented by RGL’s Flow Control Manager Dr. Da Zhu, who is also responsible for RGL’s flagship D Nozzle Series. The lineup of nozzles provides exceptional performance in all types of operations.
“RGL has been investing resources into investigating how nozzle designs can improve the capabilities of FCDs,” said Dr. Zhu.
Other performance-enhancing nozzles include the DF™ for steam choking, the DS™ for supersonic injection, the DM™ for multidirectional injection and production, and the DB™ for non-condensable gas choking capabilities.
RGL's nozzle designs help operators increase oil production, reduce SOR, and manage well performance, regardless of pressure and temperature fluctuations in the reservoir. To learn more about other nozzle products RGL offers, visit rglinc.com or email solutions@rglinc.com.

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