RGL wins contract for large-scale customized sand and flow control project

August 30, 2019


International oil and gas engineering, manufacturing, and service company RGL has been awarded a seven-figure contract to design and manufacture 400 Q-Controller™ flow control devices for a major operator in Northern Alberta. Although multiple service companies were involved in the bid, RGL was selected to provide the largest portion of the ICD and sand control solutions.
Four out of six of the operator’s producer wells will be outfitted with the autonomous inflow control devices (AICDs). All the operator’s wells will be outfitted with proSLOT® sand control devices. The first tools are expected to be installed in January of next year.
The multiple installed Q-Controllers™ will enable the well string to improve recovery rates and optimize the inflow profile along the production interval. Each Q-Controller™ will be completed with RGL's proWRAP® direct wire wrapped screen and patented nozzle technologies. The tools are custom designed with RGL's proprietary near-wellbore model, NALU™.   
RGL is a world leader in in sand and flow control device technology and design, holding 28 patents for these innovations. Later this fall, our experts will be presenting four technical papers and chairing a session on Best Practices for Development and Application of FCDs in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Injection Wells at this year’s SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium.  
To view our research papers or learn about our upcoming training courses, visit https://www.rglinc.com/resources/newsroom/ or email solutions@rglinc.com.

RGL Reservoir Management

RGL engineers and manufactures sand control and flow control products for highly challenging reservoirs. We use innovation and technology to build value for our customers by understanding their reservoirs and providing the right solution for long-term performance.

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