Dr. Da Zhu invited to present flow control technology at esteemed Inflow Control Technology Forum

August 25, 2020


Calgary, AB –
Dr. Da Zhu, RGL’s Flow Control Manager, has been invited to present at the upcoming Inflow Control Technology Forum alongside fellow industry leaders specializing in this area of technology. The forum topic is Improvements and Advancements in technology for conventional, passive, active, and autonomous inflow control devices.
Dr. Zhu’s presentation will focus on a novel type of nozzle without moving parts for blocking gas and water. This will mainly focus on the fundamentals behind RGL’s proprietary D Nozzle series built to enhance flow control technology. Dr. Zhu will be featured as the second presentation of the day in the Novel Tools and Testing Session. Other presenters at the forum include Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, and more.
For the first year, the event will be held virtually on Sept. 2 through 4. The event will feature an Operators Roundtable, where a representative from each operator attending is invited to discuss current ICT activity in their company, their thoughts and objectives in the area, and address relevant questions. There will also be a ‘how to’ guide on modelling the inflow performance of a well using standard reservoir engineering software packages
Inflow Control Technology Network (formerly PICT) is a global knowledge sharing organization that focuses on all aspects of conventional passive, active, and autonomous methods of inflow control technologies. It has been running since 2008 providing a community in which to share ideas, experiences and concepts among individuals who have a wealth of relevant industry experience. The group aims to introduce cutting edge technologies in an unbiased forum, enabling a frank exchange of technical information to inform members not only how to do things differently, but how to build on the learnings and experience of others. It also highlights the business value of the technology through sharing field experiences and identifying value drivers that keep technology initiatives healthy.
The Inflow Control Technology Network is managed by OTM Consulting in Epsom, England, and helps companies to engage with sector and technology practitioners, through a unique combination of industry networks.
RGL’s D nozzle technologies are gaining worldwide attention for their ability to enhance flow control devices by restricting flow to force a uniform production rate throughout the length of a well. The D nozzles can be used in a variety of applications and will help operators manage well performance regardless of pressure and temperature fluctuations in the reservoir and restrict unwanted fluids. Learn more about their capabilities here: https://www.rglinc.com/solutions/flow-control/

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