New DJ™ nozzle first of its kind built for solvent recovery

February 28, 2020


Calgary, AB –
RGL’s latest nozzle designed to promote liquidized solvent and diluent production while choking back gases is now patent pending. The DJ™ nozzle features joint benefits of reducing liquid solvent loss and choking back gas or steam.
This technology helps thermal operators reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As solvent or diluent is added into thermal recovery processes, such as expanding solvent steam-assisted gravity drainage (ES-SAGD) among others, the oil’s viscosity is reduced and then recovered.
“The difficulty of the process is how to recover solvent and diluent to make the process economic,” said nozzle designer Dr. Da Zhu, RGL’s Flow Control Engineering Manager. “Compared with regular inflow control devices, the DJ nozzle generates as little pressure drop as possible for liquid solvent or diluent. The purpose is to maximize liquid solvent or diluent recovery to make this economic for our customers.”
Typically, existing nozzle technologies tend to generate larger pressure drops, which create phase changes that cause solvent to transform into gas. This can cause serious consequences for producers, such as decreased production rates, lost solvent, high costs, and liner and casing integrity issues.
The DJ nozzle is ideal for wells needing to reduce pressure drop, as it chokes back gaseous fluid and promotes liquid diluent production by minimizing vapourization. Wells facing solvent recovery or non-condensable gas (NCG) and wet-steam breakthrough issues will benefit from the DJ nozzle.  
The DJ is just one of RGL’s flagship D Nozzle Series. The lineup of nozzles provides exceptional performance in all types of applications. Other performance-enhancing nozzles include the DF™ for steam choking, the DS™ for supersonic injection, the DM™ for multidirectional injection and production, the DR™ nozzle for water choking, and the DB™ for NCG choking capabilities.
RGL's nozzles help operators increase oil production, reduce unwanted fluids, and manage well performance, regardless of pressure and temperature fluctuations in the reservoir. To learn more about other nozzle products RGL offers, visit or email

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