RGL honours dedicated staff with service awards

January 14, 2020

Leduc, AB –
RGL is always thrilled to recognize long-service staff. At a recent company gathering, 21 recipients received awards. Of the group, 17 have dedicated themselves to the company for over three years, two for over five years, one for 10, and another for 15 years.
Individuals were recognized from the Sand Control Manufacturing Facility in Leduc, Flow Control Manufacturing Facility in Leduc, and Corporate Head Office in Calgary. Awards were distributed for service up to March 31, 2020.
"Without our people, we could not accomplish the RGL mission and goals. Be it the on-time delivery our customers, the efficient and quality operations at our plants, or the further development of our international reach," EVP Operations and CFO Hansine Kostelecky said.  "We are very proud of our people and appreciate their hard work and commitment to RGL and our customers."

To learn more about our leadership team, visit https://www.rglinc.com/about/teams/ or email solutions@rglinc.com.

RGL Reservoir Management

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