RGL research paper on inflow control device performance recommended by Journal of Petroleum Technology

April 06, 2020


Calgary, AB –
A research paper released last year by RGL was recommended as pertinent reading by the Journal of Petroleum Technology in its April issue.
The paper SPE-198697-MS entitled “Effective Reservoir Management with Flow Control Devices for SAGD Producer Wells in Mackay River” was written by RGL Flow Control Research Engineer Giuseppe Rosi, RGL Flow Control Engineering Manager Da Zhu, and Dermot O'Hagan of Suncor Energy. It was first presented at last year’s SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium on Nov. 21 in Banff.
The paper explores a simplified analytical model demonstrating how increasing the dP across inflow control devices (ICDs) acts to improve conformance along a producing lateral. The study uses an equation of the analysis that acts as a simple rule of thumb for determining an appropriate pressure drop across ICDs to achieve conformance. It also evaluates the performance of installed ICDs.
“Suncor's extensive field FCD well data was integral in allowing us to better understand what type of FCD can control steam breakthrough and emulsion production,” said Zhu on the project. “The data backed our theoretical understanding of how FCDs manage emulsion production profiles and mitigate reservoir heterogeneity.”
The outcome of the paper will assist operators in understanding how FCDs work and their benefits through the field data presented. The initiative stemmed from the need for further explanation on FCD implementation guidelines simplifying the mechanism that FCDs use to manage emulsion in the reservoir.
“I really enjoyed working on this paper alongside Dermot at Suncor,” said Rosi. “We were able to marry my scientific background with Dermot's deep understanding of operations and completions to create a very valuable piece of work.”
The additional reading was recommended by Tayfun Babadagli, SPE, a professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Alberta and member of the JPT Editorial Committee. The paper appeared as part of a special feature on heavy-oil operations trends in the journal.

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