RGL research partners published in SPE PO journal

March 26, 2020


Calgary, AB –
The industry respected peer-reviewed journal SPE Production & Operations recently published an article by the RGL partnered research team at the University of Alberta. The paper focuses on sand control testing. “Experimental Correlations for the Performance and Aperture Selection of Wire-Wrapped Screens in Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Production Wells” authored by Dr. Alireza Nouri and his team is available now as part of the journal’s preprint volume released in January.
The paper examines a series of large-scale pre-packed sand-retention tests (SRTs) used to determine the performance of wire-wrapped screens (WWS) under variable single-phase and multiphase conditions.
Multiple tests were conducted to simulate aggressive conditions; the different parameters include varying aperture size, different fluid properties, and phase changes on the screen performance.
The study showed excellent results of WWS, even for low-quality sands and narrow apertures. An empirical model was based off the experiment, so the models can be used to predict a safe aperture windows for WWS used in SAGD production wells.
Many references were made to previously published articles by RGL Research and Development Manager Dr. Vahid Fattahpour and RGL Sand Control Engineering Manager Dr. Mahdi Mahmoudi, throughout the report.
SPE Production & Operations holds an Impact Factor of 1.595 and features advancement in the production operations, downhole equipment, formation damage control, and emerging technologies areas. The journal is peer reviewed by industry experts and an Society of Petroleum Engineers editorial board.
To download the paper, click here. To discover other contributions to the oil and gas literature by RGL, visit https://www.rglinc.com/r-d/research-projects/.

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