RGL technical paper on optimizing cased and perforated sand control applications makes the cut for ATCE 2020

June 10, 2020


Calgary, AB
RGL’s technical paper entitled "Design For Reliability: Purpose Driven Sand Control Methods For Cased And Perforated Wells" was recently accepted to be presented at the iconic 2020 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE).
Paper 20ATCE-P-2802-SPE will be presented in Denver, Colorado in October. The flagship SPE event attracts industry professionals from around the world and receives more than 2,000 paper proposals for consideration in the event’s technical proceedings. The program committee only selects approximately 100 papers for presentation.
ATCE has long been recognized as the premier industry event where innovation, technical advancement, best practices, and case studies are shared and acknowledged. As the industry recovers, the generation of new technology, testing and further development of innovations are significant, making this meeting of minds highly regarded.
The presentation will explore the historical challenges and high failure rates of using standalone screen in cased and perforated wellbores, which have pushed several operators to consider cased hole gravel packing or frac-packing as the completion method of the choice. Despite the reliability of these options, they are more expensive than standalone screen completions. Since several developments are not designed for cased hole gravel pack or frac-pack, purpose driven sand control methods for cased and perforated wells are recommended.
The presentation is scheduled to be included in Session: 34 - Global Applications of Sand Control Technologies taking place on Tuesday, Oct. 6. The paper is authored by Ali Ghalambor of Oil Center Research International and Morteza Roostaei, Mohammad Mohammadtabar, Mohammad Soroush, Mahdi Mahmoudi, and Vahid Fattahpour of RGL Reservoir Management Inc.
For over 30 years, RGL has earned a reputation for proven experience in slotted and seamed liner manufacturing and sand control technology. Having outfitted over 25,000 sand control slotted liner wells and 1,100-plus wells utilizing our flow control devices and downhole thermal tools in the Canadian oil sands, the Middle East, Mexico, South America and around the globe, RGL solutions are designed to handle the most challenging oil reservoir conditions.

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