World’s first DR™ water choking nozzle without moving parts excels in third-party testing results

February 19, 2020


Calgary, AB –
The world’s first water-choking flow control device (FCD) nozzle designed to promote oil production without the assistance of moving parts has received outstanding results from a third-party testing service.
RGL's patented DR nozzle technology became commercialized last year, and reservoir flow testing results with oil and water properties showed that the nozzle can choke back 44% more water compared with regular Inflow Control Device nozzles. The results matched previous computational fluid dynamics modelling extremely well. Testing was conducted earlier this month by a Canadian-based third-party testing laboratory.
“The viscosity difference between oil and water was utilized to maintain oil and water in separate flow regimes with distinct Reynolds numbers,” said nozzle designer Dr. Da Zhu, RGL’s Flow Control Engineering Manager whose idea for the nozzle stemmed from the form drag experienced by the large-scale atmospheric waves flowing over topographies.
Using the DR™ nozzle to enhance inflow FCDs, operators can achieve excellent water choking effects in offshore, cold primary, and conventional applications that deal with high water cuts. Because there are no moving parts inside the DR nozzle, the risks of plugging and scaling are lowered significantly. The nozzle can be applied for various onshore and offshore applications.
The DR is just one of RGL’s flagship D Nozzle Series. The lineup of nozzles provides exceptional performance in all types of applications. Other performance-enhancing nozzles include the DF™ for steam choking, the DS™ for supersonic injection, the DM™ for multidirectional injection and production, and the DB™ for non-condensable gas choking capabilities.
RGL's nozzles help operators increase oil production, reduce unwanted fluids, and manage well performance, regardless of pressure and temperature fluctuations in the reservoir. To learn more about other nozzle products RGL offers, visit or email

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