RGL research on bill at prestigious SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference

January 20, 2021


Calgary, AB –
Known as one of the most sought-after Society of Petroleum Engineers conferences to be included in, the SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference has invited RGL to share research at its 2021 edition.
Set to be held 4-6 October 2021 in Galveston, Texas, RGL’s Flow Control Engineering Manager Dr. Da Zhu will be presenting on his paper entitled “Theoretical and Numerical Investigation of Supersonic Multiphase Gas Injection.” The technical paper was cowritten with the University of Calgary’s Dr. Ian Gates.
Hosted once every two years, this is only the second time that Drs. Zhu and Gates have been invited to the prestigious gathering. In 2017, the collaborators presented “Unveiling the Causes of Fingering in Steam-Assisted Heavy Oil Recovery - Linear Instability Analysis and Numerical Simulation.”
This year’s presentation will review the investigation of the flow dynamics of dusty gas, where gas exists in the continuous phase and droplet particles in the dispersive phase.
“The novelty of the paper is that the conventional isentropic idea of gas dynamics across a nozzle is well known and that is mostly what simulations are based on,” explains Dr. Zhu. “However, in actual oil and gas operations, it is the multiphase flow that dominates. The shock wave structure, relaxation zone, and damping rates of multiphase flow are more complicated and a lot different with the simple idea of gas.  The paper can help the industry gain a better understating of multiphase supersonic gas.”
The 25th edition of the SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference continues to provide engineers and scientists the chance to see leading-edge technologies and discuss applications in reservoir simulation. It will be an unparalleled opportunity to network with other technical professionals in the field. This conference is the top-ranked event for anyone working with simulation tools and techniques.

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