SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium to feature RGL technical expertise

January 22, 2021


Calgary, AB –
RGL Reservoir Management Inc. is once again serving as a technical expert at this year’s 2021 SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium. Exemplifying RGL’s reputation as an industry leader in sand and flow control design, the Alberta-based company is scheduled to present two academic presentations at the revered event. Taking place virtually 26 - 28 Jan, the event promises to offer a community for the industry to take steps to improve the collective recovery, efficiency, and longevity of existing and planned thermal wells. 
The Society of Petroleum Engineers is an accredited international member organization representing more than 153,000 E&P professionals across 143 countries. Participating in SPE knowledge sharing allows RGL to keep its commitment to optimizing worldwide energy operations through ongoing research aimed at advancing the body of knowledge related to sand and flow control. As a result, the following papers at the symposium detail the effort.
Failure Detection and Analysis session: Challenges from Well Shut-in Amid the Oil Downturn: Long Term Impacts on Near Wellbore Skin Buildup and Sand Control by M. Soroush, University of Alberta; M. Mahmoudi, M. Roostaei, RGL; H. Izadi, University of Alberta; S. Hosseini, RGL; J.Y. Leung, University of Alberta; V. Fattahpour, RGL Reservoir Management Inc. SPE-203854-MS.
Flow Control Devices and Sand Control session: Single And Multi-phase Flow Loop Testing For Characterization And Optimization Of Flow Control Devices Used In Sagd: The Effect Of Viscosity And Gas-to-liquid Ratio On Tool Performance by Y. Yusuf, M. Roostaei, M. Soroush, G.A. Rosi, K. Berner, N. Tegegne, F. Mohammadtabar, H. Izadi, D. Zhu, M. Mahmoudi, V. Fattahpour, RGL Reservoir Management Inc.; D. Nobes, University of Alberta. SPE-203865-MS.
RGL’s Sand Control Engineering Manager Dr. Mahdi Mahmoudi has been asked to participate as a moderator in the International Panel Session on Jan. 27, which will explore the design and operation of thermal wells around the world. There are several challenges with thermal well design and consideration to generate and inject steam in heavy and ultra-heavy oil-bearing formations. Several projects have successfully implemented thermal recovery around the world with their own unique design and challenges. In this session we hear from the experts from each geographical region on their experience on implementing thermal well design and their challenges and how they overcome their specific challenges. The session aims to promote awareness and Interest through discussion of common and unique challenges in each region.
Additionally, our team is offering a one-day training course entitled Sand Control Fundamentals in conjunction with the event. Sand Control Fundamentals takes place on Jan. 25 and reviews fundamental sand control design for oil development. It goes on to detail the mechanisms, applications, and challenges of various sand control options in both vertical and horizontal applications. It mainly focuses on a practical project requiring the participant to apply what they have learned by selecting, designing, and presenting the most appropriate sand control completion for several case study wells for both cold primary and thermal applications.
For a full list of RGL’s research papers visit our RGL Resources Research Page.

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