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Why choose RGL?

We use science-driven solutions to maximize production in the world's most challenging reservoirs.


RGL partners with Albertan completions company Renown Down Hole Solutions Inc. to provide field services and completions tools products. Together, we offer thermally compliant downhole completion tools for a variety of applications, technical guidance and quick turn-around solutions. 

Blitz Shifting Tool

The Hydraulic Blitz Shifting Tool is operated with both up and down shifting keys in a collapsed position. Keys are activated and engaged by pumping at a set rate. The Blitz Shifting Tool is often used with the bidirectional Hard Hit Hammer and Suppressor to overcome difficult to shift sleeves and maximize success.



Halo High-Expansion Hydraulic Shifting Tool

The Halo High-Expansion Hydraulic Shifting Tool was engineered to accommodate a large variety of guide/injection strings and expand into much larger flow control devices. The hydraulic activated shifting tool can lock into most profiles and expand to well over double its run in size.

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