Flow Control Solutions

With an in-depth technical understanding of reservoir conditions, RGL delivers flow control solutions capable of optimizing production in any reservoir. Our unique and proven flow control technology is used in wells throughout the Canadian oil sands, Middle East, Mexico, and South America.

Our flow control device technology is founded on extensively applied research and proven field performance for both inflow (ICD) and outflow (OCD) applications in liner and tubing deployed wells. RGL’s differentiator is the technical expertise devoted to nozzle design and the delivery of controlled and consistent operations. 

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Flow Control Devices (FCDs)

We pride ourselves in leading the movement to maximize production and truly unlock energy worldwide.
Learn how we can help you address your reservoir challenge with customized flow control products.

Our Q-Series of flow control devices can help you achieve unmatched performance. 


ICDs - Inflow control devices for uniform inflow and injection rates
OCDs - Outflow control devices ideal for fluid distribution
AICDs - Autonomous inflow control devices to boost production

Flow control devices designed
to optimize your exploitation strategy.

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RGL Nozzles
RGL’s cutting edge nozzles are built to enhance your flow control device by restricting flow to force a uniform production rate throughout the length of your well.


D Nozzles

RGL’s flagship D nozzles can be used in all types of steam-assisted operations, including SAGD, CSS and steamflooding, and will help operators manage well performance regardless of pressure and temperature fluctuations in the reservoir.


Achieve 60% steam choking effects
Inflow control FCD nozzle ideal for tubing or liner deployed ICDs


Achieve 86% steam choking effects
Inflow control FCD nozzle ideal for tubing or liner deployed ICDs


Achieve 93% total recovery pressures
High-velocity nozzle and erosion prevention


Achieve 92% total pressure recovery during steam injection
Achieve 67% total steam choking rate
Multi-directional injection nozzle ideal for multistage wells

F Nozzles

RGL’s Fundamentals line of nozzles allows operators to choke flow using water-controlling, port or venturi nozzles.


Achieve 30% water choking effects
Tested viscosity-insensitive nozzle


Liner deployed nozzle
Steam choking effects using venturi nozzles


Subsonic compressible or incompressible flow injection
Customized port sizes for steam injection strategies

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