Inflow and Outflow Control Device
​   English Datasheet - PDS 1005-Q-Commander_R5
  Chinese Datasheet - PDS-1005-QCommander_R1

RGL’s Q-Commander™ flow control device is used to recover greater pressure rates. Equipped with a high-velocity flow control device nozzle (the DS™ nozzle), this FCD is capable of recovering market-leading production performance. The patented DS nozzle assists in recovering greater than 93% total pressure compared with competitor nozzle performance. Ideal for drilling longer and deeper wells, the Q-Commander can be used in all types of steam-assisted operations, including SAGD, CSS and steamflooding, and will help operators manage well performance regardless of pressure and temperature fluctuations in the reservoir.

Features and Benefits

  • Two position shiftable
  • Slotted Liner sand control
  • Superior corrosion and scaling resistance
  • Uniform injection profile along length of wellbore
  • Selective shifting via coiled tubing
  • Tubing or liner deployed
  • Flow mixing geometry for uniform steam quality


  • Outflow control device for steam, water, or gas injection
  • Inflow control
  • Vertical, deviated, and horizontal completions
  • High-temperature/high-pressure service
  • Ideal for steam injection e.g. SAGD, CSS, and steam push


  • Multiple thread options to meet work string requirements
  • Temperature sensing technology available for even flow control monitoring
  • RGL’s proprietary RGL ENC coating option available

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