RGL’s proLAB Test Laboratory incorporates a three-step sand and flow control testing program powered by an elite team of PhD and geotechnical engineers. By characterizing and duplicating your core sample, we can quickly and cost-effectively test to design a custom optimized sand control screen.

proLAB enables you to weigh the capabilities of a Sand Control Device (SCD) or Flow Control Device (FCD) before you even bring it to the well pad.

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Why proLAB

  • Quick and cost-effective testing
  • Reliable and consistent results
  • Increased confidence in engineering design and product selection
  • Potential to reduce operating costs and extend the life of the well
  • Full duplication of the PSD, clay content, mineralogy, reservoir fluid chemistry, and liner geometry
  • Tailored SCD to specific reservoir conditions
  • Test multiple sand control screens and specifications against our historical database and in-house design software
  • Test multiple flow rates
  • State-of-the-art, industry-recognized facility
  • Industry leader in sand control engineering

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