RGL is an industry leader when it comes to sand control knowledge. For more than 30 years, we've earned our innovative reputation in sand control technology. Collectively, we've outfitted over 25,000 oil wells with sand control products for projects in the Canadian oil sands, the Middle East, Mexico, South America, and elsewhere around the globe.

Today, RGL has expanded its product portfolio to include technology solutions for the most challenging reservoir conditions. Learn more about our complete range of sand control products and services to discover how we can support your next project.

Sand Control Products

Combining our industry expertise, dedication to research and development, and in-house intelligence, we can help you determine the best custom holistic solutions.
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RGL's sand control experts offer the course Sand Control for Heavy Oil Development, which is featured at select petroleum technology conferences around the world. The course reviews fundamental sand control design for heavy oil development with a focus on cold primary production and thermal application. It goes on to detail the mechanisms, applications, and challenges of the various sand control options in both vertical and horizontal applications. It mainly focuses on a practical project requiring the participants to apply what they have learned by selecting, designing and presenting the most appropriate sand control completion for several case study wells for both cold primary and thermal application. The course reviews several field failure examples and case studies to guide engineers to better understand the factors contributing to sand control failure and how they can operate their wells to minimize the failure potential. 


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