Woven Metal Mesh Screen
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RGL’s API certified manufacturing processes for woven metal mesh screens allow us to provide the highest standards in quality, accuracy and delivery. proMESHincorporates all of the benefits of RGL's engineered base pipe with precision sand control, to create the only true high-performance hybrid screen available in the world. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities ensure quick production turnaround time to meet customer demands and scheduling.  

RGL’s proMESH is a cost-effective sand control solution that is designed to filter a high percentage of poorly sorted sands in unconsolidated formations. It consists of the base pipe – either slotted or perforated – support core, filter media, drainage layer and protective shroud. The filter media is the core of the sand control mechanism and can be engineered to meet customer’s specific reservoir requirements. proMESH

Features & Benefits

  • Large open flow area (5 to 20% or more)
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel (304L or 316L)
  • Plugging resistant keystone profile
  • High strength slotted or perforated basepipe
  • High flow rate with low pressure drop
  • Flexibility in design and production


  • Openhole standalone completions
  • Secondary liner completions
  • Cased and perforated completions
  • Horizontal, deviated, and vertical wells
  • Producer, injector, and infill wells
  • Ideal for high velocity wells


  • RGL proLAB™ Sand Control Lab Testing and modelling
  • High-grade alloys
  • Custom slotting and perforating patterns
  • Multiple casing grades available with 13 Chrome and 28 Chrome coating options
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for installation and thermal loadings
  • Patented non-welded or welded end caps
  • Direct Wrap or Slip-on Jacket
  • Sand Control options include proWRAP™, proPUNCH™, and proMESH™

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