Integrated Sand and Flow Control Solutions

Combining our industry expertise, dedication to research and development, and in-house intelligence, we work with you to determine the best custom holistic solutions. Our clients benefit from the RGL advantage throughout the lifetime of their project—from planning and engineering consultancy to the custom manufacturing of unique tools. RGL then ensures the installation of our tools goes smoothly and works with clients to boost efficiency. 

Whether we’re tasked to assist with advanced sand control technology or flow control device accessories, we pride ourselves in leading the movement to understand how to maximize production and truly unlock energy worldwide.


We offer complete solutions for our customers. Our qualified team can ensure your project runs smoothly from quote to final reporting. We are proud to offer the following services:


Sand and control engineering is available using RGL's proprietary semi-empirical slot width modelling program. Flow control modelling is performed with RGL's proprietary thermal wellbore simulation software (NALU). Our team of in-house engineers will work to suit your needs.

Gravel packing

RGL gravel pack services keep formation sand in its place. Using data from your project’s geographical formation, we prioritize the type of gravel packing that will help you achieve the best permeability while preventing damaging particles from compromising your well screen’s integrity.

Field installation

RGL technicians have the extensive field experience needed for efficient installation, repair, and preventative maintenance of our flow control tools. We provide top-of-the-line equipment coupled with industry-leading shop and field technicians ready to execute flawless field operations, thereby handling all customer needs.


RGL is one of the five largest threading operations in the province of Alberta with the ability to produce 10 proprietary threads plus API threads.

RGL Licensed Threads: 

  • Evraz QB1-HT
  • Metal One FlushMax
  • Metal One Geoconn
  • Metal One SuperMax
  • Metal One SuperMax TS
  • TPCO TP-G2

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