Flow Control Design Engineering

Services Offered by the Flow Control Design Team

NALU™ Near-Wellbore Modelling

RGL has developed its own in-house near wellbore simulator, named NALU™, dedicated to Flow Control Device (FCD) design. NALU™ is a low-overhead simulator that relies on limited input, provides results within minutes, and uses physical conservation equations rather than empirical relations to determine state-property profiles. Furthermore, ­NALU™ captures the majority of thermofluidic physics ignored in classical wellbore simulators. With this tool, engineers at RGL can quickly iterate on a wellbore design and reliably identify relative improvements.

NALU™ multiphase flow dynamics wellbore simulation software

Evaluating Partially Completed Liner Performance

Using state-of-the-art computational fluid-dynamics (CFD) software packages, RGL engineers have developed simulations to predict the additional pressure drop incurred from partially completing a wellbore’s liner. The simulation allows RGL’s engineers to contrast the cost savings of a partially completed liner against the additional pressure-loss disadvantage, and in turn select a partial completion that strikes a balance between these competing factors.

Experimental & Computational Nozzle Testing

RGL engineers are expanding there in-house testing capabilities to evaluate increasingly complex flow situations experienced by FCD nozzles.  Currently, RGL engineers can simulate and experimentally measure the performance of nozzles impinged by single-phase flows and are now developing apparatuses and models to evaluate nozzle performance during multiphase flow.

This infographic visually shares an analysis based on reservoir simulation. We used CMG-STARS software to match the well's history and then ran simulation to mimic the performance of the well after the installation of flow control devices (FCDs).

Engineering Services

Services Offered by the Engineering Services Team

RGL provides a comprehensive range of engineering, technical, product design services for the oil and gas industry. Maximizing efficiency through all phases of projects, from planning and design to construction and operations, is RGL’s specialty. Our multidisciplinary teams deliver cost-effective solutions and a hands-on approach to ensure project success.

Programs we use:

  • ANSYS – Mechanical
  • Open Foam
  • Solidworks – Premium
  • Matlab
  • Mathcad
Key Areas:
  1. Product Development: 
    1. Conceptual and Detailed Design
    2. Validation
    3. Commercialization
    4. Adhering to API Q1™ and ISO 9001:2015 Certifications
  1. Downhole Integrity Analysis:
    1. Installation Load Analysis
      1. Loading Envelope
        1. Single Point Loading:  Tensile/Compression, Torsion, Bending, and Buckling
        2. Combined Loading:  combined loading scenarios for highly deviated and horizontal wells
    2. Torque and Drag Analysis: 
    3. Failure and Root Cause Analysis:
      1. Mechanical
      2. Plugging
      3. Corrosion
      4. Scaling and Fouling
  1. Flow Control and Sand Control Design:
    1. NALU™ Simulation:  multi-phase flow dynamics wellbore simulation software
    2. Sand Control Simulation
      1. Erosion
      2. Skin Factor and Pressure Drop
      3. Inflow and Outflow Performance Evaluation
      4. Optimized Completions Designs
  1. proLAB™:  Lab Testing Services
    1. Sand Control
    2. Flow Control
    3. Completions


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